Coffee Corner Session and Lunch with COO of MOL Pakistan

Employees who feel valued and appreciated by their leaders are infinitely more likely to go above and beyond the call of duty for their company and hold themselves accountable for their tasks at hand.  MOL Pakistan believes that informal and interactive sessions between the employees and higher management will help promote a collaborative work environment for all.

Mr. Ahmad Nawaz, COO MOL Pakistan, met with the employees of MOL Pakistan at the 3rd Coffee Corner session on January 17, 2019. Mr. Nawaz started off by sharing his success story, of how destiny got him to excel in the petroleum sector, his story, indeed, kept everyone interested in knowing more.

Goal commitments and hard work is the degree of determination one uses to achieve success and excellence, he believes. He discussed that additional business development efforts by MOL Pakistan are expected, Mr. Nawaz believes that MOL Pakistan’s future is bright and that everyone should give their 100% at work.    

In order to minimize communication barriers between teams, MOL Pakistan’s HR department launched a programme called “Lunch with the Leadership”. An informal, interactive lunch session was arranged on February 12, 2019, with Mr. Ahmad Nawaz and the Reservoir Engineering team at the Café 1969, in Islamabad, where Mr. Nawaz shared his views regarding MOL Pakistan’s future operations, production optimization and unexplored, yet major opportunities.

Positive feedback has been received regarding the commencement of these interactive and informal sessions. MOL Pakistan has always believed that effective communication is the building block of an organization and that the importance of honest and open communication can never be over-emphasised.

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